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Best Skin Treatment In India

06 Sep 2016 05:28:33 PM

There are topical skin lightening creams and lotions that often contain chemical agents such as hydroquinone and azelaic acid. Mann says, "Some whitening creams have plant extracts that have a bleaching effect. A dermatologist may prescribe a high concentration whitening cream, or perform a procedure such as a chemical peel for pigmentation irregularities."

Dr Mukherji spells out why skin-whitening procedures are becoming popular these days, "Being a lunch-time procedure and pocket friendly is a major reason. It gives one a skin tone that is one shade lighter."

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Among the various procedures available, Mann says, "Arbutin is a new type of skin de-pigmentation and whitening agent, an extract of Bearberry plant which is very popular in Japan and Asian countries for skin de-pigmentation. It also can be used to prevent liver spots and freckles, to treat sunburn marks and to regulate melanogenesis."

Mann adds, "Retinol is the most important natural form of vitamin A. Vitamin A is the first vitamin to be used topically for the treatment of damaged human skin. Today, the term Vitamin A is applied to retinol (Vitamin A alcohol), retinal (Vitamin A aldehyde) and tretinoin (Vitamin A acid). Vitamin A stimulates mitotic activity and the production of collagen — the stuff skin is made of. Retinol or Vitamin A helps to renew and exfoliate the skin, giving a new lighter, beautiful skin.

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Experts explain that most preferable skin whitening treatments include chemical peels using fruit acids or other peeling agents. The procedure typically involves application of a peeling solution such as an alpha-hydoxy acid to exfoliate the darker, pigmented skin. A cosmetologist could perform a procedure known as dermabrasion to lessen acne scars, brown spots, and similar pigmentation problems. In this technique, the skin’s surface is lightly rubbed with a special device.

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